Dishwasher Repair

Dishwasher Repair

If you're looking to save money on repairing or fixing your appliances and are in the Lake Jackson area of TX then The Lake Appliance Repairs is who you need to call. Repairing appliances is a budget-friendly decision by having a professional do it.

You may be able to save money on the front end by having someone do it for cheaper or do it yourself but sometimes you can't get the whole picture by looking it up online or may need more repairs if someone doesn't do a good job.

Our trained techs can get a great assessment of your dishwasher from the jump and make sure that we've eliminated as many variables as possible so we don't have to come in since we did it right the first time.

When to Call the Experts

Washer hums and shuts down

When the motor on your dishwasher isn't working properly it can make a constant humming sound in your machine. It also may cause it to shut off at random points before the cycle is done. Talking to one of our experts will certify your issue.


Sometimes dishwashers develop cracks and other breaks within the machine which in turn affects the way the machine cleans. Our pros don't come across this problem very often but know how to handle it easily and effectively.


Dishwashers are built to prevent rust since they're constantly in contact with water but sometimes they have something going on inside that isn't noticeable to an untrained eye.


Contrary to popular belief, pooling at the bottom of your dishwasher isn't normal. It is supposed to drain properly like any other normal appliance such as a washing machine. Most likely something is clocked inside or not enacting due to wear and tear and now your precious floors are all wet.

Hinge Not Functioning

If you are constantly wrestling to open or close your dishwasher then it's most likely an issue with the spring element or the lever apparatus.

Water isn't hot

There's a reason hot water is used to clean dishwashers. The temperature matches the range necessary to properly kill and lessen bacteria. If your water isn't that hot, the dishes may be clean on the surface but at the microscopic level, there are tons of bacteria that could potentially make you sick.

Multiple cycles to clean properly.

Your pump assembly or heating element could be having problems if your dishes aren't properly cleaning. There's scum and residue and cloudiness on the glassware at the end of your washing and a need to wash again and again which defeats the purpose.

Call The Lake Appliance Repairs of Lake Jackson, TX

With our plethora of expertise and years of experience, we're experts at remedying issues with dishwashers. We're very familiar with our local client base and have been gladly serving them for many years. Our tenet of elite-level customer service, as well as quality repairs that are done right the first time, builds a level of trust that's unmatched.

Give The Lake Appliance Repairs a Call the next time your dishwasher isn't doing its job.